Atn X-Spotter Hd 20-80x Smart Spotting Scope

The Smart X-Spotter is the first ever-true HD digital, intelligent spotting scope. Utilizing the latest Obsidian II Core, the X-Spotter boasts an array of sensors, a powerful 1Ghz processor, and an impressive wired (USB, SD card, HDMI) and wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) connectivity. A 300 mm crystal clear lens means you can see objects at incredible distances all while recording to your memory card for sharing with friends or family later. True HD resolution provides you unparalleled performance. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream to your tablet or phone giving you a viewfinder like never before. View your photos/videos remotely without ever touching the X-Spotter. So when you are r Mfg: Atn